Alibaba UED Conference Successfully Held

Alibaba UED Conference Successfully Held

With the recently held Alibaba UED (User Experience Design) Conference, the entire user experience industry became a thriving scene. New retail and artificial intelligence has become yet another vast field of user experience design applications.

As the user experience industry has risen, the capital market has also increased its popularity. At present, Singapore’s most authoritative user experience company, USER, has also received one million investment.

At the Alibaba UED Conference, the performance of Singapore’s representatives were sought-after. Based on the theme of internationalization of user experience, Chairman of USER Experience Research Pte Ltd of Singapore, Dr. Qiu Yuanfu, introduced the current situation of user experience in Singapore and South East Asia, and introduced the company’s technology accumulation, practical cases, and partners.

Prof. Tony from the Singapore University of Technology and Design introduced the development direction of the Singapore Institute of Technology Design in the AI ​​field. Tony pointed out that the new ITE’s AI research will focus on four aspects: basic theoretical research of AI system, AI discovery, AI interaction, and future AI infrastructure. In addition, Tony gave a detailed introduction to the technical advantages of the new University of Science and Technology in basic theoretical research, computer vision, and computational design.

Professor Lu Wei of Singapore University of Technology and Design introduced natural language processing-related technologies. By introducing the algorithm models such as conditional random fields, structural support vector machines, semi-Markov conditional random fields, and hidden variable conditional random fields, a unified framework for researchers was proposed.

Finally, Professor Sun Lingyun, deputy dean of the International Design Research Institute of Zhejiang University and the head of IDEA Lab, summarized the workshop activities. Professor Sun pointed out that this was the first scientific research workshop jointly organized by Alibaba, Zhejiang University, USER, and Singapore University of Science and Technology. He was very satisfied with the results and Alibaba is very much looking forward to working with the user experience experts in Singapore. Combining studies and research, everyone looks forward to applying the user experience design concept to new areas such as new retail and AI.

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