USER Founder Attended User Friendly 2017 Annual Conference in China

USER Founder Attended User Friendly 2017 Annual Conference in China

From November 16th to 19th, 2017, User Friendly 2017 organized by UXPA, a user experience professional association in China, was held in Nanjing International Convention Hotel. The theme is: Experience Shaping a Better World.

UXPA (User eXperience Professional Association) China has been established for more than 10 years. Its annual conference is one of the most important communicating activities in the user experience industry in China. It is also a forum for user experience professionals and product managers in China to focus on the development of the user experience industry. People can communicate via this important platform.

The conference was rich and colorful. They organizers carefully selected 45 industry elite, composed of eight keynote speeches, three expert forums, 35 workshops, four industry corpus, a Free Talk. Among them, Yuanfu Qiu, the founder of USER, has been a guest speaker after almost 10 years, bringing a workshop course on “Product Internationalization User Experience Design and Innovation” and a free talk lecture on “The Story between Her and I.”

Product Internationalization User Experience Design and Innovation


Nowadays, more and more e-commerce platforms, mobile application software began to expand the international market. Whether making domestic products internationalized, or international products domestic, due to differences in different national user behavior, psychological and cultural background, how to do user experience is indeed worthy of attention.

Based on the matrix of original products, designers need do user survey, analyze these factors scientifically, adjust strategy to provide matched solutions based on big data, in order to improve the user experience satisfaction for products, services, and systems.

UX Viewpoint:

User experience should be localized and internationalized, and design innovation should be made on the premise of understanding the needs of local users.

User experience related work should be combined with advanced internet technologies and methods for data collection analysis, research users;

User experience should be design to target and industry segmentation, in order to achieve the best user experience, driving business value.

Some of the participants in the workshop are graduating college students, some engineers and designers engaged in software and hardware R & D of cars, mobile phones, web pages and app interfaces. All of them listened attentively, participated in the discussion, collided with sparks, and learned the user experience relevant new methods and trends which are expected to be helpful for the future.

The Story between Her and I


Dr. Qiu shared his story of acquaintance, mutual understanding and love with her. “She” is the dream pursued by the heroine.

Dr. Qiu grew up in China, with the dream of doing a great software, e-commerce platform, by chance, went to Singapore to study user experience doctor degree for further study, this is acquaintance. Developed in the multi-cultural intersection of Singapore, practitioners more than 10 years, and goes hand in hand with experience design. He was responsible for the internationalization of project user experience design in a number of multinational companies, with in-depth get along, very happy, mastered the skill, this is known.

“I learned a lot from past project experiences. I realized that in fact, users experience exists in many aspects, it does not mean you can succeed with a good idea. Your best ideas, first of all you have to be able to implement, and have to be implemented quickly, but also have good business mode, how to promote this, timing, whether the technology is mature, all need to be considered.

I have always been keen on user-experience industry, every time I see some great movie using our own designed software to make new products, I feel very proud, this product is very promising, so this is her value, I appreciate the user experience of this industry and job roles more and more, gradually fall in love with her, this is love.

I think I wanted to make a great product. Later on, I found that the most direct place for the real user experience was an e-commerce platform. Because trading create real value. So I went to learn in an e-commerce company, I am responsible for its global user experience with the Asia-Pacific e-commerce, there is the United States in Europe, the analysis of user behavior, the kind is not the same learning process, big data analysis, and then there are a lot of design improvements, and then produce value, this achievement is not the same. Gradually, then I hope this knowledge would serve not just a company, so I venture in Singapore, my own user experience company, the fruit of love is USER.”

As user experience researcher,” USER is devoted to deep insight into users, driving design innovation and enhancing user experience. Since its establishment, USER has accumulated more than 15 years of IT industry experience, diversified team members completed more than 100 projects, gradually become a global leader in mobile applications, UX, UI field and e-commerce platform for the development of experts.

Currently, USER owns three major brands, User Experience Researchers, Frontline and Media Manager, and is committed to providing IT industry services and solutions to its customers and becoming the leading Internet user experience design and development service provider in the Asia Pacific region.

User Experience Researchers

User Experience Researchers, a user experience research brand owned by USER, is one of the first UX companies to do user research in Singapore and is dedicated to providing user experience research and evaluation, interaction and visual design, and usability testing services for the Asia Pacific region.


Frontline is a brand of mobile application development owned by USER. A dedicated team of software engineers, development engineers and designers provide user-focused products with state-of-the-art technology. Its services include: iOS APP development, Android APP development, Web development, e-commerce website application development.

Media Manager

Media Manager is a digital marketing brand owned by USER. Its services include: WeChat Marketing, CRM System, Weibo Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (SEM, SEO) and Social Media Marketing.

In the future, USER will explore more possibilities in the user experience field based on the East-West cultural exchange center, more partners and advanced internet marketing technologies to expand the Asian market for multinational companies, seeking for the best quality service.

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