User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

What is user experience?

User Experience refers to the overall experience or feeling a digital product gives unto or leaves a user. It is usually how a user journeys through app, website, or system, and the like.

What is user interface?

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout of an app, website or system. It triggers the emotional aspect of the user. Hence, the brand, its colors, shapes, etc... are incorporated and fit into the whole screen and experience.

What is user testing?

User testing is the process wherein researchers could know if a certain digital product is needed or in demand by its target group of users.

What's the difference between UX and UI design?

UX Design is the phase where user-device interaction flow is being plotted, while UI Design pertains to the visual aspects present in the whole digital experience.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

UI and UX Designers collaborates in crafting the navigation journey and incorporates the right visuals to an app, website, or system in order to fulfill the goal of the digital product. They are sometimes the same person, too.