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USER’s contribution to education paved the way for better learning for several Singapore schools and their students. As a leading UX / UI solutions and mobile app development company in Singapore, USER created a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) and educational apps dedicated to helping educators and students connect more efficiently through the digital world.

The Project

The idea was to create a web and mobile app portal that would integrate our client company’s education system online, streamlining curriculum planning and administrative functions.

Our expert mobile app Singapore developers created a feature-rich system that empowers students, instructors/teachers, and administrators with a secure and easy-to-navigate portal. With it, everyone is on board and updated in near-real time with accurate information.

Our Partner

Our client is one of Singapore’s top educational institutions with ten years of fruitful history in bringing learning closer to the country’s citizens and across Asia through digital and face-to-face interaction.

The USER Solution

  • Gives student users real-time access to their records and financials, with an integrated payment and payment scheduling tools
  • Simplify management and organisation with experience design based on user research.
  • Easy-to-navigate and responsive web design that’s user-friendly to both students and administrators, which looks and works the same across various compatible devices.


The suddenness of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about the need for truly stable digital and online platforms for healthcare. USER provided mobile app development and user research required by our partners to create future-proof digital products such as healthcare apps in response to mobility challenges, furthering medical institutions with technology that can improve healthcare services.


The Project

Our collaboration with our client resulted in the creation of a digital platform accessible through web and mobile that vastly improved our partner’s telemedicine capability. Through the portal, patients and healthcare providers were able to successfully conduct e-consultation calls, access health records, organise schedules, and more.


Our Partner

USER, the leading web and mobile app development agency, created the project for one of the biggest hospital chains in Asia, serving as their telemedicine app during the COVID-19 pandemic. The healthcare giant has facilities in Singapore and China, and is one of the foremost names in progressive and digital-empowered health services.


The USER Solution

  • A light and multi-functional digital platform available on mobile (for patients and fully usable on Android and iOS devices) and web (for healthcare providers)
  • Provides a secure channel for holding private teleconsultation calls, checking up health records, and booking online appointments with doctors.
  • Built-in tools help users organise and update their health info, confirm schedules, receive authenticated prescriptions digitally, and more.
  • A brand-agnostic, user-friendly interface and UX design that can be reused for other medical apps.

Our Approach

Being aware of the importance of the delivery timeline to our dear clients, USER is applying Agile Development methodology throughout the process. The methodologies centres around the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising cross-functional teams. The ultimate value in the Agile methodology is to get the team to adapt to the fast-paced changes or requirements and deliver high- quality products.

User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) has implemented Agile development with stages: Product/Project backlog, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective followed by Product/Project Deliverable. With the help of the Agile development process, we will be able to: