Digital Market Research

Accurate, Reliable Data for Business Decisions.

User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) is a pioneer digital solutions firm in Southeast Asia and one of the most reputable market research companies Singapore businesses trust. Our methodologies and processes revolve around obtaining only relevant, valuable data, and insights you can use for sound decision-making.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is a critical tool for obtaining the largest and most valuable commodity in the digital business world: data. We at USER can help you methodically gather and analyse data on consumer behaviour and research findings. This allows you to plan strategically with reference to user needs and preferences and project possible consumer patterns, so you can align your future marketing campaigns to the most potentially successful path.

Market Research Methodologies

At USER, we take a strong scientific approach to our research methodologies and market analysis. To ensure you get the specific data you can use to assess your future marketing decisions, we created specialised processes in the two major methodologies in market research: quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative Research

Success. It’s in the numbers. Our in-depth quantitative research process can aid your team in accurately assessing the market situation and possible scenarios. Our in-house market research analyst can also help you in interpreting research results.

Pricing & Plan Options

We collect valuable data through business-fit market surveys and questionnaires, created by our highly knowledgeable team of analysts. The price ranges from $50 to $2000 for a survey where the questionnaire is included, and is adjusted depending on the availability of potential respondents for the required database.

Qualitative Research

Information. It’s gold in words. Through our qualitative marketing research process, we extensively study the customers’ behaviour and tastes of our clients’ customers regarding a specific category of products. Data collected from qualitative research is used by our team of experts to project an accurate market analysis. We use the most effective insight collection methods best fit for your campaign or product, giving you a better grasp on your market’s views, preferences, and assist your decision-makers in formulating sales strategies.

Pricing & Plan Options

Our competitive rates are based on your specific needs and requirements, after which we let you choose from our method selections such as focus groups, interviews or market observation. Fees for qualitative research range from $500 to $3000 for one interview.