Importance of Market Research and Analysis in Singapore

Market research is an accurate study of the target market, performed before offering a product for sale. Professionally conducted market research helps professionals in deciding their strategies for marketing and brand promotion.

USER market research experts identify the interests of potential customers and their dislikes about an existing product to improve the marketing qualities. Through this research, USER can determine the needs of our clients' target customers to improve their products and sale strategies. It is important that USER's market research is carried out before launching a new product in the market, as it assists in deciding the fixed price of that product and the best distribution areas for achieving maximum business profits.

Market Research Methodology


USER conducts market research through two tested techniques, namely Qualitative research and Quantitative research. Market surveys and polls with definite sets of questionnaires and data collections are useful tactics of market research. USER conducts market research through two tested techniques, qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative marketing research is the extensive study of customers’ behavior and tastes regarding a specific category of products. Our experts prepare separate questionnaires for the individual shopper and groups of people. The in-depth qualitative research helps in precise assessment of the market scenario, depending on the expertise of our highly knowledgeable researchers.

USER Market Research and Analysis


Market research is an effective tool mainly needed for commercial organizations. Our market research is useful for all businesses, including anything from startups to multinational corporations. At USER, we know it is essential for new entrepreneurs to understand the nature of the market before presenting their products. That is why we help them determine their target customers and gain insight into the quality and prices of products within the market. The research is an extensive and ongoing process and therefore is not practical for entrepreneurs. Our valuable studies on the current business scenario of the market provide assistance in making the right decisions that are in the best interests of their company.

Price and Plan For Market Research

Quantitative Research


We provide market research data collection through surveys and questionnaires. The price depends on how difficult it will be to find the required database. The price range is from $50 to $2000 for one survey where the questionnaire is included.

Qualitative Research


Qualitative research is based on the needs and requirements of clients and can be conducted by a focus group, interview or observation. Fees for qualitative research range from $500 to $3000 for one interview.

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