USER is one of the leading UX/UI agencies in Singapore built by a team of experts in China, Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines. Established in 2010, this pioneering IT agency has continued to heighten its client trust through a user-centric approach, producing quality services such as User Experience (UX) Research and Design, Web and Mobile Application Development, and other Digital Transformation and Marketing Services. The agency prides itself in the rapid seven-day process its products have to undergo, strengthened, and bounded by dedication and expertise, in order to deliver well-rounded solutions and apps to its clients. USER takes part in its clients’ drive to grow and maintain their name in the market, with brands ranging from start-up businesses to big enterprises, catering to over 500 companies to date.

Focused on U.

From conceptualization and research to designing and development, we at USER keep your best interest at heart. It is our goal to create a product that fulfills your needs. We are focused on your objectives, your potential customers, and what U could be.

2 PhD

Specialized in UX UI

10+ Master

in Design, Computer Science

15 Years+

of IT experience



We Design and Develop Mobile & Web Apps for These Leading Brands

Keeping Our Purpose.

We understand that that user experience can reap deep, emotional responses. Clients using your app or website for the first time will attach all positive and negative digital interactions with your platforms to your brand. Thus, it is of utmost importance to us that their experience is impeccable, and aligned with your goals.

As part of the global digital society, USER spearheads the vision and purpose of shaping the future of businesses and individuals, flourishing with them, and making a thriving, future-ready community possible, all for the sole purpose of optimal user experience through genuine and quality service.

Empowering Our People.

Our onsite and remote teams come from a diverse background across Asia. Our industrious and proficient staff has expertise in Engineering, Design, Psychology, Media & Communications, Business Development and more. USER values talent from everywhere to effectively reach everyone, delivering a holistic approach to each user experience journey.
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