Agile Development: A Simple Yet Effective Process.

The agile model is a popular production framework in the digital era thanks to its efficiency and ease of implementation regardless of a company’s size. We at User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) use this philosophy in creating digital solutions to deliver the best products to satisfy both our clients and their market.

Many agile software development firms use customised versions or frameworks to fit their development philosophies, resulting in various agile management principles and styles. For us at USER, we’re big fans of building the best quality at the same level of push we do for timeliness: we work with determination at speed.

Here at USER, our agile development team uses the agile scrum methodology. It is a cyclical iteration sequence where we keep improving the product in development, adjusting it along the way with inputs from relevant stakeholders until the desired outcome is achieved.

What makes it effective? 

We’ve helped government agencies and many international organisations by creating high-quality software for their internal or customer-facing needs. With our brand of agile development, you’re sure to be in good hands.

When is Agile best to use?

As with all great things that need polishing, even agile is not perfect by default. Agile project management can be tricky when there are certain conditions that limit its potential.

On one hand, an agile team can work better when the scope of a project is not as “boxed in” or restricted, or can be subject to change. Otherwise, having detailed end specifications may limit the team’s creation potential and extend the pre-production phase with the time required to pin down all desired objectives from different stakeholders.

Agile IT Project Management

When it comes to agile projects, USER implements a comprehensive system that harmonises the talents of each team member, allowing them to fully use their skills for the benefit of the project.

Our agile development team is composed of highly-trained and well-experienced experts in their given fields. We take note of their roles, letting them handle their best areas while continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Roles in a User Agile Development Team:

Agile Development Team - Project Manager/Scrum Master

Project Manager/Scrum Master

The Scrum Master can also act as the project manager depending on the project’s level of complexity or as deemed needed by the client or USER management.

Agile Software Development - UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers

Our core principles in creating products always involve a central figure: the users. To deliver the best possible experience, we always involve the expertise of UI/UX designers in projects.

developer icon


USER sources developers from talent pools in its branch countries (Singapore, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines) with a strict criterium of requirements. Our developers are adept at creating apps, web apps, and complex software as needed, regardless of the industry.

Agile Development Singapore - Quality Assurance (QA)


No USER team is complete without personnel specifically designated to overlook the quality assurance process. Our QA analysts work to maintain the highest possible quality in the development process.

Want to start a project now?

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