USER, your custom mobile application development company, is here to cheer you app and to be in control of your digital products for worriless, seamless and boundless, wholesome mobile application ideas. As we believe that to be able to skyrocket to the top, brilliance and technical skills shouldn’t be left behind. Grit is what makes USER empowered, and USER makes grit a ground for power.

We shape businesses’ future through creating top-of-mind mobile applications!

Platform-friendly = User-friendly.

Android, iOS, Web--you name it! USER is fully equipped to make brands’ applications portable and available across all possible platforms. Want to appear elsewhere? Legwork’s on us! As one of the leading user-centric mobile app design and development companies in Singapore, we'll pave the way for the patronizing crowd to meet your brand to the finish line, ending the day with increased revenue – a total win!

App Complexities VS App Competence.

As we’ve said it – yes, we go for quality over anything else! What matters to us is the gratification of your users’ needs and their retention that proves its competence to many, rather than the app’s complexities because of several inputs. But hold up – with our established name in the industry as one trusted mobile app development agency, no need to worry if one doesn’t work because of the other – we've got you amazingly covered on both functions and features!

APP for The Battle.

Before anyone else, we already braced ourselves for the challenge. Our edge? We are competent in the battlegrounds! With the right-skilled manpower with passion, driven up by our vision to better service the users through digitalization, and backed up by proven years of experience and leading names in the business industry, USER is definitely up for a home run (with you)!

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