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Pioneer Mobile App Development Company in Singapore

When it comes to mobile app development, Singapore leads the Southeast Asia (SEA) region and even ranks competitively with more advanced nations in terms of mobile communications. User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) is one of the country’s pioneer app developer and user experience agencies, delivering end-to-end mobile app design & development, product and user research, as well as mobile-first strategy consultation services.

Ready for Any Platform.

Mobile devices come in a wide variety of forms – from smartphones to wearables, with many of them capable of running apps. We’re here to help you reach your consumers and audiences in whatever mobile platform they may be using.



Our creative and skilled mobile app development team is highly skilled in designing and creating apps for any mobile OS in various coding languages if you prefer any.

We can build feature-rich apps or mini-apps for:

  • IOS (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Windows Phone
  • Android (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • WeChat


We understand that some organisations might need an app that needs to be utilised in both web and mobile access with the same UI. Our development team can package your app in a hybrid app shell to maximise your app’s accessibility for both mobile and desktop systems.

User-Centred Design & Development

We’re a mobile app development company creating apps and hosting app services for people with vastly different lifestyles and working in various industries. It’s our goal to make people’s lives easier through technology.

We can make apps for the following platforms and technologies:

Mobile App Design and Development Company Singapore - Smartphones


Mobile App Development Company in Singapore - Tablets


Mobile App Development Company Singapore - Wearables


Mobile App Development and Design - IoT Devices

IoT Devices

Mobile App Development Company in Singapore - Public Terminals

Public Terminals

APIs and Integration

APIs and Integration





Mobile App Design and Development Company Singapore - Superapps


Mobile App Development Service Singapore - Web Apps

Web Apps

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence



What apps can we build?

  • Teleconsulting apps
  • Learning Management apps
  • Secure Communication apps
  • Monitoring apps
  • Healthcare Management apps
  • E-Commerce apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Multi-feature apps
  • Education apps
  • Social Network apps
  • Self-help interfaces
  • And more!

Our Development Process

Mobile app development is at the heart of our digital solutions services. Here at USER, we have in-house UI/UX designers, user experience researchers, professional and highly-experienced developers, and veteran project managers working hand-in-hand to produce stellar app products for your business or organisation.

Our 4-step end-to-end process makes app development convenient for you. To develop the highest quality app according to your requirements, we adopt the most effective current Agile methodology practices. This gives you the best returns for your investment with a product that’s tailor-fit for the needs of your market.

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