UX Research and Evaluation

User experience research is how a business mines the gold of user data.

At USER, we make sure you get the finest results for use in your decision-making.

UX Research Services

Our team of highly-trained user experience researchers utilise a variety of methods to collect relevant information. Some of our data-gathering expertise include:  

User Interviews

User Interviews

We can conduct face-to-face or online interviews with your current and/or target users, gathering insights about their product preferences and non-negotiables. Our questionnaire writing process ensures you gain valuable data you can use for creating products tailored to your audience’s needs.



Our survey process can be done live, by phone, or online through chat and email, depending on user availability or client’s user research requirements. USER conducts surveys to obtain quantitative data for conclusive findings regarding their demands for particular products.

Contextual Inquiry

Contextual Inquiry

A live-interaction method where we observe users as they interact with products. Here we obtain interaction and behavioural data as they work or perform designated tasks for evaluation.

Focus Group

Focus Group

Also known as Focus Group Discussion (FGD), it’s a process USER can do both online and face-to-face. In this method, our research team holds an insight-gathering event with target and potential audiences, enabling you to fully grasp their views and understanding of your product through personal experiences.

UX Evaluation

Part of our UX research services is creating the optimum experience for your target market by fine-tuning your product. Through our UX evaluation processes, your design team will have an easier time making adjustments before launching your product or improving it for a new version.

User Experience Consulting Agency Singapore - UX Research Evaluation: Usability Testing

Usability Testing

The USER usability testing procedure enables businesses to gain information about how they can improve current products or prototypes. In this usability research method, we let various groups of users interact with the product, detecting usability issues, and reporting user behaviour for your team’s use in planning changes and improvements.

User Experience Consulting Agency - UX Research Evaluation Singapore - A/B and Multivariate Testing

A/B and Multivariate Testing

We conduct A/B and multivariate testing through online methods, especially for website and mobile application design evaluation. Our team uses the latest select tools that can obtain useful data you can use to effectively achieve optimal product designs. This method works great for creating profiles for optimum user experience.

Why Trust Us?

User Experience Researchers Singapore (USER) is dedicated to delivering user-centred digital solutions. As a leading UX research company, Singapore businesses and government agencies have partnered with us to help gather valuable user data for their projects, improve their products, and create new business strategies.

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