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Usability testing is the key of products design. Over 93% MNC are using usability testing to collect data before product launched. The raw data is useful for marketing as well. USER is the top UX agency in Asia.

The first UX research company in Asia. USER has own lab in Singapore China, and Vietnam to provide the real user testing services.

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Best Usability Testing Lab in Singapore

We provide usability testing service for different kinds of products, including digital products (website, apps), and physical products (e.g. smart home appliances) in a professional lab. Various and scientific usability testing methods are applied in the product design and development process.

Why Choose USER Usability Testing Lab

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Lab usability testing can simulate the real situation, let you get close to customers and observe them and even interact with them. It is also a great way to identify big problems early and generate idea.

USER may be the first usability testing lab rental service provider in Singapore. Professional facilities are equipped in the usability testing lab, and the service is of high quality and cost-effective.

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Usability Testing Agency in Singapore, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and US

USER stars provide usability testing service since 2011. It's considered as the first UX company in Asia. In the past 8 years, USER has served more than twenty MNCs and over 100 SMEs. Clients include Fujisu, Samsung, IRAS, NTU, Govtech and so on. USER has expanded the branch to Australia, UK, Japan and US

Why Choose USER?

  • Professional Team: USER has a professional UX team which firmed by PHD from university
  • Accurate Data Collection: All data is collected by real users based on clients' research demands
  • Free Benchmark Design: USER created a benchmark based the research data. It's useful for further product design and development

Usability Testing Lab Facility

USER open usability testing facilities for clients to rent.

USER Facilities (Photo Copyrights © USER Experience Researchers)

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USER has labs in Singapore, China, Japan, and Vietnam. Please contact us for locations' options.

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