What is UI?

UI is an acronym for “User Interface.” The UI is the part of an application or program that allows the user to interact with the machine. In modern computing, the most common form of UI is a GUI or graphical user interface, where the app contains visual elements to enable the user to input commands and do other activities in a more natural and even creative manner.

Some UI elements include buttons, icons, forms, text boxes, and video and audio frames. It can also include other types of machine-initiated action – from navigational help such as motion to automated responses such as pop-ups. In mobile app development, Singapore design agencies that are globally competitive, such as USER Experience Researchers, apply user-centric principles to create pleasing and highly functional UI.


What is User Interface / UI Design?

UI Design is the process of conceptualising, creating, and producing a user interface. This goes hand-in-hand with product and UX design. In UI design, a team – usually composed of researchers, a UI designer, a project manager, and others, collaborate to find out what design and functions would users want in an application.

The process is also a key component of web design. For many Singapore web design agencies, it begins with in-depth research that takes into account user preferences and other behavioural data. A good UI design takes into consideration how users can best achieve their purpose in using the app or visiting the website.

If you are looking for a UI designer to build your app or website, USER Experience Researchers can provide you with creative and experienced UI builders.

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