Finance technology is rising in demand as capital systems, lending, and financial regulation progress largely through digital. For banks and financial institutions, USER has developed financial technology tools that can help banks perform better through automation of tasks, upgrading legacy systems to new cloud-based platforms, and assisting organisations by optimising their workflow and operations. Such improvements are a must in a competitive industry such as finance, where decision-makers must have information at the ready to make critical decisions.

In helping financial institutions, fintech companies, and public sector agencies related to finance, USER offers end-to-end Enterprise Solutions development, automated Data Analytics, as well as in-depth user research, UI/UX Design, and knowledge sharing. USER has helped its clients automate ESG assessment, setup and optimise payment structures, and transform internal and external interactions such as process approval within their organisation and deal management.   

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Case Study – Modernising ESG Assessment for a Global Finance Technology Firm

With climate change and social factors continually reshaping the modern world, more financial institutions are aligning their Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) with recommended global policies. To serve their clientele better, a Global Fintech Company aimed to deliver a solution that banks can use to not only improve their existing strategies but also incorporate ESG factors into the loop. 

The Fintech Company collaborated with USER to create a specialised version of their existing product that combines pricing and profitability with automated ESG assessment features. 

Future-proofing ESG checks

The co-development collaboration between the USER and the Fintech Company proved to be fruitful sharing of finance technology and ideas, resulting in a robust new tool for the latter’s clients in complying with ESG regulations. The product’s capabilities were greatly enhanced, as well as the user journey for both the Fintech Company’s decision-makers, relationship managers, and backend specialists. 

  • More transparent and efficient data collection and analysis 

The result of the collaboration was a robust data collection and analysis tool that integrates data from multiple sources. 

  • Improved decision-making for deals and negotiations 

Relationship managers and decision-makers get to access data in real-time, significantly enhancing deal management. 

  • Reduced complexity in adjusting workflows  

Automated features greatly streamlined workflows with approval customisation, which also reduced potential areas of error due to changes. 

  • Enhanced flexibility in adjusting policies 

The platform allows banks to adjust their policies to comply with changes in ESG regulations swiftly.