Movement and transportation, particularly of people, is one of the most crucial aspects to maintain the growth of economies. USER has delivered solutions for private companies and public agencies in improving transport systems, enhancing experiences for commuting and private travel alike. Through digital innovations, our team of designers and developers have contributed to the improvement of public transportation in Singapore through the accessory systems that people interact with. 

Some services that USER has provided for the Transport sector include UX Research, pinpointing the needs and preferences of people in commuting and travel, as well as Design and Development. Our team has also conducted Usability Testing and incorporated automated features to existing platforms to enable continuous improvement.


Case Study – Empowering Movement of People for a Transportation Agency

With a high volume of daily commuters, public transportation is burdened by ever-growing challenges – and only technology can help relieve the stress for both people and operators. One of our partners, a Public Transport Agency, aimed to significantly boost the usability of its commuter touchpoints for the train system.  

USER delivered an end-to-end project spanning tasks from research to product development, testing, and deployment. 

Building user-centric journeys for the public

The focus for the project was understanding user needs, designing intuitive interfaces, conducting usability testing, and incorporating embedded UX tracking tools in the front-end interface. This enabled system administrators to effectively monitor and implement continuous optimisation. It also guided commuters with a user-friendly interface and established efficient top-up systems for passengers and operators. The feedback system gave operators valuable data they can use to continue improving the system. 

Design for convenience and continuous improvement  

  • Improved UX for Transport System Users:  

From topping up credits to additional value features such as rewards and vouchers system, users enjoyed convenience at every interaction point.

  • Enhanced UI for Various Touchpoints:  

Navigating menu options in kiosks was optimised to reduce time users take to finish their desired tasks.

  • Optimized Payment and Transactions Management: 

Streamlined payment processes and transaction management, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency for both commuters and operators. 

  • Provided Enhanced Feedback System:  

The implementation of a robust feedback system facilitated continuous data collection, empowering the agency to make informed decisions for ongoing enhancements.