Energy technology solutions is a growing need in the energy sector globally. It is an integral factor in sustainable growth, making it a prime element considered by decision-makers in all industries, including manufacturing, education, and commerce. As a technology innovation company, USER has joined hands with public and private sector partners in the energy industry as well as MNCs looking for solutions to help manage energy.

Our range of services include designing systems and data infrastructure for large-scale operations such as building power management, UX Research and UI Design to accommodate needs of various user groups, Data Analytics, Quality Assurance and Usability Testing, and Agile Software Development for scalable, enterprise-level energy efficiency, control and management.

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​Case Study – Helping Out with Residential and Industrial Energy Management

Governments around the world are converging on the need to improve energy management for industrial and residential use. An Engineering Firm aimed to create a scalable, adaptable, and high-sustainability system utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technology for controling and monitoring power usage. To do this, they partnered with USER for the latter’s expertise in UX research, analytics, design, and development.

The plan included creating a WISX IoT-ready infrastructure that can be used as a shared network for sensors and devices, feeding data into a real-time monitoring and analytics platform.      

Designing an Efficient Control System

For the Engineering Firm, USER developed and integrated a real-time monitoring and access control system with IoT sensors and devices. Based on the client’s requirements, the USER design team created a comprehensive platform with sub-systems that can be integrated for various purposes, such as public safety and security, intelligent transport, and pollution monitoring. USER built the system to be scalable from building or structure-wide to large, city-wide size. 

Giving Power to People​

The resulting system design provided valuable features that can help boost sustainability and energy management:

  • Smart data collection system

The interconnected WISX IoT-ready infrastructure supports various kinds of sensors and devices to feed the platform’s analysis engine.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis

From energy usage to intelligent transport, noise levels, and security video monitoring, data can be reviewed and analysed in real-time.

  • Automation and Optimisation features

The platform allows users to customise functions to include cost monitoring, projection, and even payment-related management.