One of the continuously evolving fields of science is healthcare technology and USER is at the forefront, helping create and innovate digital solutions for hospitals and clinics, medical industry professionals, and patients. USER’s team of researchers and developers have worked with major healthcare providers to provide various solutions ranging from data architecture and infrastructure to integrated mobile and web app systems. Utilising developments in communications technology and AI, USER also boosted performance in healthcare solutions by providing real-time feedback and automated data collection, analysis, and insight generation.

USER has helped its clients in the healthcare industry with transformative technology and services, such as UX-focused research and end-to-end custom solutions development, auditing, and testing services for products. As a leader in digital transformation, USER has also integrated novel data analytics technologies, process automation, and AI-powered tools to enhance operations and performance in healthcare data systems, as well as content and user journey optimisation for healthcare websites and portals.


Case Study – Improving Healthcare Technology for Providers and Patients

Healthcare concerns extending across the globe such as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted medical professional to leverage healthcare technology in improving their services. Following this future-proofing initiative, a major Asian hospital and Healthcare Firm sought assistance in creating a unified solution aimed to improve service delivery for both patients and administration users. The core objective was to create mobile app and web platform that caters to the distinct needs of individuals accessing healthcare services and those responsible for administrative tasks.


Improving healthcare experiences through digital solutions

Through a partnership with USER, the Healthcare Firm integrated the use of various devices and their data infrastructure through careful design and implementation. This enabled secure storage of medical records and facilitating transparent transactions. The resulting interconnected system is intended to enhance communication efficiency while fostering improved patient care and streamlines operational processes.

Bridging connectivity, efficiency, and security

The development of the mobile app for the Healthcare Firm significantly improved experiences for users, bringing them convenience and safety for many transactions that can be done remotely. The back-end development that supported the mobile app and administration system enhanced the way the Healthcare Firm managed patient records, facilitated payments, enabling them to better monitor their data and activities.

  • Efficient Data Management

Streamlined data management, providing healthcare professionals with centralized access to patient information for better-informed decisions.

  • Real-time AI Health Checks:

The integration of AI health checks allowed for immediate data capture and analytics, providing real-time insights for healthcare professionals.

  • Secure Data Transmission:

Ensured high-performance data transmission and processing through secure cloud-based health record storage, safeguarding sensitive patient information.