Digital CX Bootcamp

Empower customer-facing teams and product developers with Customer Experience (CX) knowledge. This 5-day course will help you grasp the fundamentals of CX and creating a user-focused culture.

Course dates will be announced when at least ten candidates have registered their interest.

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Dr Frank Qiu



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Who is the course for?

  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • Business Leaders/Owners
  • CX designers and researchers
  • Digital Strategy officers
  • CX enthusiasts
  • Marketing consultants and business development officers
  • Marketing researchers
  • Students

Course schedule and topics

Day 1

  • CX fundamentals:

    In learning customer experience (CX) it’s vital to know the basics which involve understanding behaviour, marketing skills, and related concepts, which are included in the CX Bootcamp course.

    Concept, Frameworks, Marketer Skills
  • CX in the Digital Age of Marketing


Day 2

  • CX research and its fundamentals
  • CX methodologies and principles: online surveys, customer interviews, contextual inquiries, digital marketing, competitor analysis.
    Conceptualising marketing ideas.


Day 3

  • Evaluating CX data and testing: Overview of fundamentals and techniques.
  • Learning CX skills for evaluation: Usability testing, heuristics evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, body and behaviour observation.
    Conducting a CX Audit.


Day 4

  • Introduction to elements

    In this digital CX bootcamp training course, learners will also be equipped with e-commerce and related business knowledge which can be helpful in ensuring excellent delivery of services.

    and concepts of global e-commerce customer experience (with examples/cases)
  • Using e-commerce analytics tools and understanding digital customer experience strategy.
  • Connecting CX to e-commerce and digital marketing techniques and methods.


Day 5

  • Assessment and proposal presentation