Improved decision-making

Collect and utilise accurate information faster and more effectively. Focus on what matters – making the right decisions.

  • Real-time data collection and analysis
  • Visualisation and insight generation

Automated and intelligent

Artificial intelligence (AI) lets your experts work on higher-priority work by automating routine tasks, as well as providing additional data for reference.


  • Process automation
  • Resource optimisation

ESG solutions

Assessing ESG risks can be made easier with AI-powered tools. Financial institutions, lenders, and public sector agencies can significantly reduce risks and associated costs with accurate ESG assessment platforms. Through data visualisation and analytics, real-time monitoring, and more transparent reporting and disclosure can help relationship managers and decision-makers manage deals and pricing better.

USER’s experience working with businesses from various industries helped us develop automated tools for ESG. For industries such as energy, manufacturing, transportation, and others that need to keep abreast with keeping their ESG compliance and risk mitigation, USER’s ESG tools can greatly help in aligning their policies more efficiently.


Boosting human capability with AI

Processing large volumes of data to use in decision-making can hamper the agility of an organisation. Thankfully, developments in data analytics and AI addresses these problems to allow faster and more transparent transactions and promote better collaboration. AI tools and platforms can also help you discover new aspects that may bring more value to your customers or business.