Sales in the insurance industry is a long-winded and often exhausting process. These largely manual processes can be transformed significantly using digital solutions, which USER can provide in any scale. Many insurance firms are now taking steps to digitise their business from the agent level up to corporate management, vastly improving their performance and competitiveness.

USER has helped global insurance companies with their digital transformation through various enterprise-level services and solutions: from focus groups, interviews, and UX research to product analysis and usability testing to helping set up robust systems and cloud-based solutions platforms through Agile development. Through our collaborative efforts, these firms have improved their operations and increased agent productivity, as well as enhanced the customer experience for sales leading to more conversions.  

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Case Study – Setting Up Better Conversations for Insurance Agents

Consultants and agents in the insurance industry often spend a long time with potential clients to go through their standard processes. An international Insurance Firm took the initiative to not only speed up but transform the way their agents engage clients and prospects more efficiently with digital transformation with USER. 

 The plan was to create a tool to help Agent Leaders and Financial Consultants manage various stages of the sales process in a seamless, transparent, and more “people-friendly” way. The partnership resulted in a product that transformed the sales process, resulting in better conversations and conversions – increased sales and less headaches for both agents and clients. 

Solving People Problems with Tech

The Insurance Firm wanted a portal designed as a tool that can help in tasks such as client onboarding, risk profiling, and improve interaction for the planning stage, which many users consider as stressful and sometimes hard to understand.  USER’s research and development team addressed the obstacles in the sales process by finding out user pain points, designed a product to achieve targets cited from analysing research data, conducted Design Thinking workshops, and provided development for the final product.  

Empowering People with Better UX 

The resulting tool proved to be a brilliant solution, enabling the Insurance Firm’s sales teams to facilitate better sales processing, and making concepts easier to understand for their clients and prospects.  

  • Improved Sales and Productivity

The simplified process, real-time data insights, and comprehensive functionalities enabled agents to better grasp client needs and portfolio management. 

  • Pleasing Engagement and Interaction

An overhauled UI UX design and workflow facilitated better experiences for both agents and their clients, reducing information overload and guiding the latter more effectively. 

  • Positive Agent Feedback

By using the portal tool, agents delivered exceptional customer service, leading to a significant increase in agent satisfaction and retention.