Education is moving leaps and bounds with recent developments in technology. In Singapore, USER has assisted in helping educational institutions digitalise their operations, reducing manpower needs and increasing productivity through automation. Our teams of research and development experts, in collaboration with our clients further the global drive to improve education as an industry through technological innovations. This included developing intuitive systems for managing student and personnel records, AI learning apps, predictive data analytics for resource optimisation, as well as cloud-based platforms to reduce service downtimes and improve efficiency.

USER has served both private and public sector institutions and organisations, providing quality research, design, and testing services.  Some services that are usually conducted for the education sector include:

User Research to help identify groups of users, their pain points, and their preferences,

User Personas and a Journey Map to visualise perception from the user’s perspective,

UX and UI design to leverage data from research findings and create a user-centric experience that ensures intuitive usage and efficiency of functions, and

Usability Testing to refine and further optimise product performance before official release.     


Case Study – Revolutionising Education Management

A Public Sector Agency tasked with overseeing education recognised the need to enhance their management and administration processes. They faced challenges in managing transactions, data, and providing timely information to staff and administrators. This led the Agency to collaborate with USER to transform their educational activities through the creation of an efficient and well-rounded system. 

The Agency tasked USER to embark on an extensive research and design project to create an efficient, well-rounded system that leverages cloud-based solutions to enhance their web portal with a focus on empowering educators and making administration more efficient through better interactivity. 

A journey to empower learners and transform administration tasks 

Starting with in-depth research on the system’s users, USER gathered information through interviews with different groups of participants and created detailed user personas. Analysing the results of the interviews and relevant data, researchers and UX specialists worked together to design a new interface and construct wireframes to guide the agency’s development team. The resulting prototype then underwent usability testing until the final product was released.  

This transformative journey wasn’t just about upgrading a system; it was about creating a human-centric solution that revolutionizes the way the Agency handles its staff learning process. It also opens potential integrations for emerging technologies and continuous improvement based on user feedback. 

Smoother Information Flow 

With the enhanced portal, the Agency was able to significantly improve their transactions, managing data and helping learners and administrators access information faster and more reliably. 

  • Enhanced Transactions:  

Significantly enhanced the convenience transactions with improved UI, providing a seamless and error-free process for learners and administrators alike. 

  • Efficient Data Management: 

The new platform design streamlined data management, offering a reliable and centralised solution for storing and accessing crucial educational information. 

  • Prompt Access to Information:  

Learners and administrators experienced faster and more reliable access to information, contributing to a more responsive and empowered education.