Build your Digital Transformation Strategy

At USER we know that digital transformation strategies are crucial for companies to remain competitive. Marketing, communication, and finance have evolved and continue to evolve to the rise and impact of technological innovation.

The Digital Transformation Course is a unique program that offers you a global vision about the digital economy, and provides insight into the impacts of new technologies in business and the latests methodologies of the development of new products and business models.

About Digital Transformation Course

In this course, you will learn what digital transformation is, how it is implemented in a company or organization, and its relationship with the digital economy. You will discover how to measure the digital maturity of an organization and how to start the digital transformation of a company.

Why One Needs to Take This Course

  • To understand the challenges and opportunities of the digital economy to get the most out of transforming traditional companies or launching new businesses
  • To educate your company on the new emerging technologies
  • To acquire the necessary digital skills to be a working member of the digital era
  • To provide a base for your business on which you can develop a business project applicable to the digital transformation of your company or to develop a new digital business of your own

Who is this Course For?

  • Professionals from all sectors that wish to digitally transform their businesses
  • Professionals who want to acquire the necessary digital skills to develop their professional career or launch their own business in the digital age
  • Young graduates who aim to improve their employability and to develop the digital skills that companies are looking for

Course Fees

The full User Experience course fee is $963 (inclusive of prevailing GST). This fee includes:

  • Course material
  • Lunch and light refreshments

Course Certified By SUTD

In order to apply for this course, visit :,-Innovation-and-Sustainability/Build-your-Digital-Transformation-Strategy
Digital transformation applies to all segments of society and in practically all industries, including the sectors of communication, marketing, medicine, art, science, and many more. This is why the professions in the technology industry are in such high demand within the current labor market.
Are you looking for a way to seamlessly enter the digital era? Then join our digital transformation course today!

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