Build your Digital Transformation Strategy

The specialized professions in digital transformation are some of the most demanded by companies. The analysis and data management is essential for companies to remain competitive. Marketing, communication, and finance have evolved a lot in recent years due to the technological impact.
The Digital Transformation Course is a unique program that offers you a global vision about the Digital Economy. The impact of new technologies in business and the latest methodologies applied to the development of new products and business models.

About Digital Transformation Course
In this course, you can learn what digital transformation is and how it is implemented in a company or organization, as well as its relationship with the digital economy. You will discover how to measure the degree of digital maturity of an organization. You can also analyze how to start the digital transformation of a company, focusing on the key areas of digital transformation.

Why Need Attend This Course?
• That student understands the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Economy to get the most out of transforming traditional companies or launching new businesses.
• That all the participants know and master the new emerging technologies to apply them to the development of new products and business models.
• That the students acquire the necessary digital skills to work in the new professions of the Digital Era.
• That the participants develop a business project applicable to the digital transformation of their companies or utility for the launch of a new digital business of their own

Who is it for?
• Professionals from companies of all sectors that wish to lead the digital transformation of their businesses.
• Professionals who want to acquire the necessary digital skills to develop their professional career or launch their own business in the Digital Age.
• Young graduates who bet on improving their employability and acquire the digital skills demanded by companies.

Course Fees
Full User Experience course fee is $963 (Inclusive of prevailing GST) This fee inclusive of
• Course material
• Lunch & 2 times light refreshments
Course Certified By SUTD
In order to apply for this course, visit :,-Innovation-and-Sustainability/Build-your-Digital-Transformation-Strategy
The digital transformation is developing in all segments of society and in practically all industries: communication, marketing, medicine, art, science among others. That's why the professions related to technology are some of the most demanded in the current labor market.
Are you looking for a way to renew yourself as a professional? Then the digital transformation should be in your focus.
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