Senior Engineer (System/QA)

About the job


  • Bug Detective and Documentarian: Actively participate in bug detection, meticulously documenting issues, and collaborating with the development team to ensure swift resolution. Your keen eye for detail will be instrumental in maintaining the highest standards of product integrity.
  • Bug Prioritisation and Tracking Guru: Take charge of prioritising and tracking bugs, ensuring that critical issues are addressed promptly. Your role is not just about finding bugs but also about strategically managing and streamlining the resolution process.
  • Pioneer Quality Assurance: Be the guardian of product excellence by conducting thorough quality assurance testing on our cutting-edge Video Analytics products, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards.
  • Architect Test Plans: Showcase your strategic thinking by creating comprehensive test plans that not only identify potential issues but also contribute to the enhancement of our products.
  • Benchmark Performance: Push the limits of our products through performance benchmarking, ensuring we deliver solutions that outshine the competition. May have to collaborate with external hardware labs.
  • Automated Test Architect: Spearhead the implementation of automated testing processes, leveraging your coding expertise in Java, C#, and/or Python to create robust automated test scripts. Drive efficiency and scalability in our testing efforts, ensuring thorough coverage of all critical scenarios.
  • System Configuration Maestro: Play a vital role in system configuration, bringing your expertise to the table to optimize and fine-tune software and hardware integration for peak performance.
  • Empower Users: Develop training documents for both internal and external users, ensuring they harness the full potential of our Video Analytics solutions.

Job Requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Strong technical abilities and comfort working with various software programs
  • Ability to do basic coding using at least one of the following programming languages: Java, C# and/or Python
  • Understanding of microservices, basic networking, security and databases
  • Understanding of hardware resources such as CPU, GPU and RAM
  • Familiarity with testing processes, including creating a test plan and opening bugs
  • Good written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and organisational skills.
  • Ability to work independently with strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work well as part of a product development team