An Efficient Content Management System for All Industries

Any business with a website needs an effective Content Management System (CMS), especially those publishing content regularly. CMS software allows content teams to quickly and easily manage content creation, publishing, storage, management, and related functions.

USER can build a custom CMS system for you or modify your preferred one to perfectly fit your needs. With a CMS, you can allow multiple users to securely access, upload, and publish your content such as blog articles, videos, and other media. They are often browser-based, so you do not have to worry about needing to install other software per machine.

A CMS enables non-technical content creators to contribute more easily and conveniently using a work desk visual interface, which is often browser-based.

CMS Singapore Experts to Help You Out

A fully-featured CMS can be tricky to organise and optimise. We at USER tailor-fit our CMS solutions for your industry and business preferences, ensuring that you and your team can make the most out of your CMS.

Our developers have worked with various CMS platforms for different businesses. As one of Singapore’s leading and most trusted digital solutions firms*, you can be sure that you’ll be collaborating with experts who can help you and your business.

*The Singapore government awarded USER multiple contracts to serve a number of agencies for the country’s digital transformation initiative

Basic CMS Features for Enterprise

Our CMS is easy to use, highly secure and can provide your business with valuable information through integrated features and tools.

Content Management System (CMS) Development Service - Simple, intuitive UI

Simple, intuitive UI

Drag and drop, direct inserting text and media, and other functions come in the most intuitive and convenient interface. Even without programming knowledge, your team can produce aesthetic and well-performing pages with compelling content.

cloud icon

Cloud-based Access

No need to invest in costly and maintenance-heavy servers for your content alone. With cloud-based access, you can securely store and retrieve, modify, and publish material.

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Big Data Assistance

Our team is eager to help you crunch the numbers coming from your page or website. We can offer you specialised or automated analytics services and help you improve your insight generation to make better decisions for future campaigns.

Content Management System (CMS) Solutions - Performance Monitoring Tools

Performance Monitoring Tools

Through our CMS, you can also monitor your content’s performance with our included metrics monitoring and analysis tools for incoming web traffic. What’s more, we can offer you more tools that you can use to generate specific insights to collect particular data from visitors.

These features are expandable at your request and at competitive rates.

Support Services at the Ready

Our team of developers are always ready to respond to your suggestions and concerns. We can tweak your CMS to fit campaigns, troubleshoot issues, as well as provide consultation and helpdesk calls to help your team maximise your CMS.

Reach out to us for enquiries through our contact page.