E-commerce is one of the most popular experiences for users. In recent years, e-commerce applications have become more and more popular and friendly with people. The trend of using modern technology equipment is increasing, most people are busier than before, this leads to e-commerce applications appear widely in all fields.

According to the latest research on e-commerce, there are different ways to improve the user experience for sales websites, such as large images, diversity, full product reviews and applied promotion deals easily. New designs are affected by hidden product information, poor website feedback, and cluttered customer service areas. When we compare with previous trade studies, it’s wonderful for producers to receive full review information, detailed feedback from customers. Besides, a large and clear image product will help to attract customers. Applying coupons, gifts easily will help bargain hunters increase completed orders.

In other words, we have positive and negative factors that will affect the e-commerce experience. The first factor is the image design for the product, the screen size and resolution will rise, the more intuitive design, and the larger product image, this will bring the benefit of the experience for the site. By increasing the size of product images on sales pages, the small details are easier to observe, the view is more diverse and more information is provided. An important question to ask is: How do customers look at the picture image and know its function? While the description in writing will be very lengthy and time-consuming, the use of images will work better. The increase in image size is not only seeing on product pages but also used in product catalog pages. That helps users see more details during a purchase, compare easily and save their time to look for the right products. We always encourage sellers to use a real product photo and those pictures are taken in different contexts.

One of the best ways to understand deeper the demands of users in tracking the customers’ feedbacks. Reviews will help researchers understand the quality and usage of the product. Those comments usually are exact feelings and opinions after user experience service or product. From that, producers will know the weaknesses and strengths of the product, they can change or update designs, prices, and customer access strategy. But to have better reviews, administrators of those pages need to expand the information of reviewers, such as name, gender or age, address, their email URL, if possible, you can ask about the current job of them. Besides, you can add a detailed review of the product, like size and quality. Another effective way is to summarize the reviews. For users, when they access a sales application, the first thing they concern is the comments of other customers. For example, if I want to buy a book, I will read all the comments that are written on-page. If most users like this product and have good reviews, I will choose it. Otherwise, I need to think carefully before buying if this product has a few negative reviews. Product reviews play an important role in increasing the user experience, it will determine whether those products are strongly consumed. According to the evaluation results, developers must adjust the product promotion strategy.

In the past, it was very difficult for people to use coupons or participate in promotions. At that time, you will receive coupons that are small pieces of paper, so they are easy to lose or break for different reasons and the customers can’t use it. Moreover, you need to make sure of all the specific standards. Nowadays, discount codes are designed directly on the application, users can access and use easily. Those discount codes are automatically updated and identify qualified customers. This process will be completed before the checkout process of customers. If a website doesn’t have any discount or gift programs for customers, it will reduce their trust in your site. Consequently, they will find another page instead of keeping using your product. Furthermore, applying discount programs will have another advantage. For instance, users are willing to spend more money on the page to have a free shipping standard.

In general, to stand out in today’s market, the first thing a business needs to have is an excellent product or service. If customers don’t need your product or service, your company will not get profit, in spite of having a beautiful website UI design. Your design inspiration should come from the needs of specific customer groups or successful companies on the market. The best e-commerce mobile applications today still have a simple design but they show full of functions and information that users are looking for.

To sum up, when you want to succeed in the commercial field, you need to have quality websites. That would mean you must make sure that your e-commerce designs can reach all customers, focusing on customers’ real feelings is the best way to develop your product and service.