have been around for a while now. With a screen being integral to society, how exactly is the TV being enhanced for the user’s experience. Well, SHARP is making an effort to improve the way their users interact and experience their screens. SHARP has recently launched a new range of smart interactive displays which in return, provides an instinctive user experience, with the accuracy of their InGlass touch technology. These new features have been implemented on their TV model “PN-TH1 BIG PAD”. One of the key new features is that this screen is integrated with Android PC and wireless functionality to further enhance a user’s productivity and collaboration for multiple different scenarios. The new range of smart interactive displays provides effortless and easy control with its gesture support for pinching, zooming and rotating. Additionally, the screen has a 20-point multi-touch capability which allows a multiple people to use the screen at the same time. This new range is available in large format displays, with a choice of 216, 190 and 165 cm screen sizes to adapt to almost any office environment, boardroom or meeting room. These new features enhance the user experience by allowing the screen to be easier and more productive to use. Making this a great tool to enhance user experience for individuals using screens in the workplace.