USER passes ISO certification requirements

SINGAPORE – User Experience Researchers, a leading Singapore-based UX innovation and digital transformation company, has been given ISO certification for compliance for ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2022 through GICG, a third-party accreditation company recognised by ISO. The company received the certification marks in May 2024. 

“We are truly proud to have achieved this milestone. As a leader in user experience and delivering high quality digital transformation services for our clients, we are committed to complying with the highest standards to deliver the best service we can. Our compliance with ISO standards on quality management and information security is a great confirmation of our capabilities and reliability,” said USER CEO Dr. Frank Qiu. 

Standards for ISO certification: What are ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2022? 

ISO9001:2015 is for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and ISO27001:2022 represents the implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in organisations. Both are indicators of high-quality production processes and tightly controlled and monitored information transmission and handling.  

A QMS is a framework and set of procedures used by organisations to guide personnel in consistently meeting customer needs and compliance standards. It involves processes, policies, and guides to handling resources to achieve target goals.  

On the other hand, the ISMS ensures that all personnel in an organisation participates in an active and meticulous approach to managing critical data to keep it safe. It includes the role of people, the involved processes, use of technologies, and establishes policies surrounding data protection, proper authorisation, what to do to prevent or mitigate risks from data breaches and attacks, and other factors that can compromise data security. 

USER’s continuing commitment to excellence 

The company has been serving MNCs and Singapore government agencies for the past 15 years with quality UX-focused research, development, and resource empowerment services. It has delivered hundreds of data-driven designs and models, created specialised app and software for organisations from various industries, and helped businesses transform their strategies and processes to become more competitive in the digital landscape.  

“By utilising the latest innovations and helping organisations adopt the best approaches, techniques, and knowledge, USER has guided many businesses and public sector agencies in their digital transformation journey. Our long-standing partnerships with some of the biggest names in major industries are a testament to USER’s commitment to keep improving and enhancing its services and bring more progress to people’s lives,” adds Dr. Qiu.