What Are The Differences Between UX Design and UI Design

There’s some misconception about the UX Design that it’s all about how a website looks like. But the reality is quite different. User experience is about how can people connect with the technology and understand it. It is about the overall architecture and research of the content related to the project.

On the other hand, UI or User Interface design is a term that deals with the creative and visual part of the entire design process. There are some people who assume that this is the responsibility of the developer to look at UX and UI designs. But without a professional UI and UX designer it is not possible to create a functional website or any mobile app.

User interface (UI) : This is the method by which a user and technology interact with each other by the software and input devices.

User Experience (UX): The entire experience of a user using a service or product such as mobile application or a website.


User interface (UI) User Experience (UX)


Differences In Design Process

The UX Design process is all about creating and improving the satisfaction of the user by making the accessibility and usability better between the product and user. So, the main thing about User Experience is the satisfaction of the customer. On the other side, UI design mainly focus on the elements that can make your website beautiful and more fun to use. That means it focus more on the colors, graphics, button styling, diagrams, typography, widgets and animation etc. The UI elements of a website or an app get together to increase the aesthetic value of that website or app.


Differences Between UX Designers & UI Designers

The responsibilities of the UX designers and UI designers are quite different from that of one another. Here is the difference between them:


Differences Between UX Designers & UI Designers


User Experience Designers: The UX Design work is more of a science. The designers create the concept of app from the scratch. They study and analyse different behaviors of the potential users. They help to elaborate scenarios and the flows of tasks. Even they do some researches, make prototypes, outline wireframes etc. It is all about how the information is presented on the screen when the user visits a website and how they interact with it.

User Interface Designers: The responsibility of the UI Designers is to take the sketches and prototypes of the website to the next level so that the users feel completely satisfied when navigating through the website. It is not always about the nice looking pictures and good backgrounds, it is also about creating an emotional state. They work on the visible parts of the website or application. It is their responsibility to create the layouts, build mock ups, compose the graphics and take care of the visual design.