Branding and marketing a company is crucial and visual engagement tools act as the brand’s eyes and ears when a customer touches comes into contact with the company. These tools acts as a platform that addresses concerns while also building trust in potentially new loyal customers. With live chat increasing in popularity and demand, it is important to offer some sort of online support. One main reason to install this help is that it offers customers 24/7 support. Additionally, this help can address the user’s concerns as promptly and as conveniently as possible. By being able install this form of online support, a company can be able to save money while reaching global users virtually within seconds. If one asks a customer why they prefer real-time support, the answer would most likely be “immediacy”. In terms of the intangible benefits, these tools do not just add aesthetic appeal, but they also add an all-knowing expert environment. This then enhances the user experience of one’s website, in which the UX design helps in attracting and retaining users to the site. Being helpful allows a customer to feel welcomed and thus potentially buy into the company.