UX Research and Evaluation

UX Research & Evaluation

Our UX research & evaluation services help you better understand your customers and address design issues of your products. These services can enhance customer satisfaction and band loyalty on your products.

We conduct UX research and evaluation on various products such as mobile applications, websites, smart TV, software, touch panel and physical products.

What We Do:

User Interviews

User interviews are structured conversations with your current and potential users. By talking with the users, we gather insights into their requirements and preferences about products.

Contextual Inquiry

In contextual inquiry, we observe users when they interact with products. This approach uncovers customer behaviors and the real-life problems they face when working with the products.


Surveys are quantitative techniques to understand users behaviors and needs. Current and potential users are approached by via phone, face-to-face and online questionnaires.

Focus Group

Focus groups bring together all stakeholders and facilitate deep discussions with them. A focus group enables a good understanding on different personal experiences among users.

Usability Testing

In usability testing, customers perform a series of tasks with interactive products. We observe customer behaviours, and detect usability issues of the products. We also make effective suggestions on how to address these issues and improve the current design.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

A/B testing and multivariate testing are also conducted online, especially for website and mobile application design evaluations. These tests are effective tools to achieve the optimal design for your products. By manipulating the design elements, the profile resulting in the optimal user experience is determined.

What You Get:

A detailed analysis report that outlines

  • Users behaviors, drives and requirements

  • Design issues of the product

  • Suggestions of redesign solutions

Useful solutions for you future design:
personas, tables, graphs and videos.