designers aim to reach their audience, they hope to make their experience unique while delivering the best service possible with their product. However, when a service wants to make such a great first impression, it can bypass core objectives. As customers, one can see the difference of products that are meant to be used for the same service. One example is computers, we know there are different brands and types of computers that are meant for using the internet and other tasks. As designers, one wants to ensure the product meets the consumer’s standards before showing them the individuality of the product that makes it stand out of the crowd.

One of the most common approaches for over the top products’ designs is that there tends to be more quantity in features than quality. The want to be innovative is so strong that many products offer “new” technology and designs, but do not have enough substance to survive and capture the audience’s attention. There is an 80 to 20 ratio approach for product development that involves a team putting 80% of their time and energy to assure the product works as a customer would expect it would. The other 20% of the team’s effort would then be invested in making the product unique and different than what is currently on the market.

What do you think about the 80:20 ratio? Is this too safe of an approach or a reasonable yet still innovative approach to create the best and new products?