the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple displayed the next versions of the IOS systems and shows the priority they have in enhancing the user experience. They made a big effort in their latest IOS system with adding dark mode, swipe, and other features that have enhanced how the user utilizes the device. In terms of new features, what can on expect to see to have a better user experience? Well for starters, Apple is improving their Apple Maps app. They have received criticism from their customers about the inferiority this map is compared to google maps, and mainly from the UX not being enjoyable compared to google maps. So Apple is finally tackling this challenge now by improving their road coverage, pedestrian data, precise addresses, and more detailed land cover on top of a few more improvements. This effort to improve Apple Maps is made to lessen the UX gap between it and Google Maps. Will this update work?

Not only is the maps app getting enhanced, but so is the photos app. In order to make the user experience even better, Apple is introducing on-board machine learning to curate a photo collection. This makes it easier to relive moments and memories. There are quite a few more features being enhanced, so let us know which feature you are excited to see be enhanced.