App Architecture and App Architects

App Architecture and App Architects

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What is an application architect?

Just like any other types, app architects maintain the quality of an app, and spearhead the whole process of the development. They manage the technologies used and other technical support needed in the projects.

Simply put, they map out an app. Like a housing architect who draws out a blueprint for a house to combine practical functions, comfort and artistic designs, an application architect plans out an app blueprint that combines performance, security, manageability and other factors.

A software architect not only has to come up with blueprints for applications, he or she also has to effectively work with and lead a team and combine a community of users, coders, QA, and business executives.


Key considerations for application architecture

Because an application architect has to combine many different elements and requirements into an application, there are some key considerations that they need to make before beginning the actual project.

From Microsoft’s Developer Network:

  •      How will people use this application?
  •      How will the application be produced and managed?
  •      What are the requirements for the application, including security, concurrency, performance, internationalization, and configuration?
  •      How to make the application flexible and maintainable even over time?
  •      What are some architectural trends that might affect your application now? How about after it’s been deployed?

Considering the perspective of the target users are of importance to the architect. Having to marry the right technology to support the design and experience while managing errors is the priority of app architects, to effectively launch and maintain these digital products.

With that, not only technical skills are sought-after from app architects. They also need to possess personal skills in order to manage the team.


Required skills for app architects

  •      Leadership and social skills: Application-building is a group effort, and an application architect has to bring together teams for discussion and planning.
  •      A wide knowledge: An application architect needs to be aware of the wide variety of tools, popular standards and work techniques out there.
  •      A knack for looking at the big picture: An architect needs to be able to see and manage each and every role involved with the project. An application project brings together end users, project sponsors, UX designers, programmers, QA, and more. It is an architect’s job to bring them together and manage them effectively to incorporate their needs and deliver the results.
  •      Fast decision-making skills: Otherwise it will lead to problems such as incoherency and duplication and the project being delayed.
  •      A view for the long term: Technology is ever-changing. Rather than designing an wonderful but inflexible app, it is better to design an app that can change, evolve and improve easily.  
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Summing up

Application architecture is a complex field that combines tech skills, user experience skills, and leadership skills. Rather than coding and creating, an application architect’s job is more like leading and planning. Of course, it varies by projects, teams and companies, but regardless, application architecture is a field crucial to app-building.