Build your Digital Customer Experience Plan

This UX online course is aimed at designers, developers, responsible for Online Marketing and anyone who wants to start in the world of Usability and User Experience. Also, it is to all those who have experience in digital design and project management.
No prior knowledge is required. It is an introductory course for beginners who want to enter the world of usability from zero level.
Throughout this UX online course, you will learn the techniques and phrases used by a UX Consultant when designing the User Experience, you will learn how to conceptualize a Web and Usability evaluation methods.
You will also learn about the principles of interface design and information architectures centered on the user and their behavior. You will learn the fundamentals of the main agile methodologies that are applied in Usability and you will understand the relationship that exists between the SEO and the User Experience as well as the best way to organize the information for its optimal search engine positioning.

The Importance of UX Course
More than once you must have asked yourself why you do not have the expected traffic despite the work done and the promotion of your business?
You will know how to adapt a site to mobile devices, taking into account the elements that facilitate the user's optimal access to the information they need and search.
Finally, you will learn the analytical experience of use: evaluation of subjective opinions, web analytics metrics, testing, heuristic evaluation, analysis tools, and conversion optimization.

To understand and learn to solve this problem, you will study the following points in User Experience Course:
• The visual design of your Web.
• The loading time of your Web.
• The time that passes in it.
• Your satisfaction with what you expected to find.
• The usability of the site.
With this course, you can acquire knowledge about the principles of usability, its objectives based on cognition and human perception, methods to improve navigability and recommendations for the optimization of landing pages, online stores, blogs or mobile applications.

Course Fee
Full User Experience course fee is $963 (Inclusive of prevailing GST)
This fee inclusive of
• Course material
• Lunch & 2 times light refreshments
Course Certified By SUTD
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