November 4, 2022
Is Remote Teaching and Online Education a "New Norm?"

Teachers in the Cloud: A New Norm

As the pandemic’s effects become less disruptive with time, more educational institutions are returning to the traditional face-to-face (F2F), location-based setup. However, this does not remove […]
October 28, 2022
Essential "agile" facts you need to know

Agile Development: Answers to Your Who’s, What’s, Why’s, And How’s

Agile Development is one of the best ways for software development teams to do their jobs quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the quality of the product […]
April 7, 2022
It's no secret that Agile software development works if implemented well, but what gains do they benefit businesses with?

Benefits of Agile Systems in Managing Radical Change

It was Harvard professor Clayton Christensen in his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” who coined the term “disruptive innovation.” It refers to an innovation that starts small […]
March 24, 2022
Everyone's talking about agile, but do you know how it began and how it contributed to the evolution of software development processes?

A Brief History of Agile in the Advancement of Software

Developing or creating software successfully is heavily dependent on its process. Having an ineffective and unreliable methodology affects the quality and efficiency of the output. For […]