Digital CX Planning Course

Improve personnel and systems with customer-centric systems. This course will help you implement user-focused services, user journey mapping, and learn how to set up customer experience (CX) plans and strategies for your industry. 

Course dates will be announced when at least ten candidates have registered their interest.

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Dr Frank Qiu



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Who is the course for?

  • Entrepreneurs  
  • Professionals building a career around CX/UX services 
  • Decision-makers 
  • Executives 
  • Organisation leaders seeking a better outcome for their digital initiatives 

Course schedule and topics

  • Innovating the delivery of services and products to create a unique digital experience for customers

    • Learn how to conduct UX research as a basis for finding out market needs and preferences
  • Digital Transformation and Design Thinking

    • Learn terms and understand the basic concepts of user-centric design that leverages technology and sound modern principles in creating digital systems, interfaces, and products
  • Fundamentals of Customer Experience Framework

    • Learn the basic structure, principles, and approaches to creating a CX framework
  • Creating a feasible and actionable digital CX proposal for your business

    • Learn the steps to creating a goal-focused CX proposal tailored to your business objectives
  • How to review projects and vital CX/UX considerations

    • Learn how to apply user-centric thinking in reviewing project needs, output, and maintenance
  • Strategy planning and mapping for custom CX frameworks

    • Learn important points on information flow, strategy creation, and execution of CX frameworks for your industry
  • Evaluate your learning with a summary exercise

    • Test your skills by creating a sound theoretical strategy campaign and CX roadmap