Driverless cars are not just a new form a traditional car, but they are also teachable machines. This new form of technology is in direct contact with customers and so the user experience research (UX) is crucial for users to trust this product and make sure it performs exceedingly in everything it says it will do. The success of autonomous cars highly depends not only on powerful AI algorithms but also on how well the design and creativity is for these cars. Yes the engineering of the car is essential to have features even work in the first place, but without enhancing user experience to near perfection, no one can or be willing to use the new products. Transitioning users to this new technology is also something to highly consider since there would be great differences, and driverless cars need to help adjust users to this new lifestyle. From the moment a user sees the car, the UX needs to be easy and safe. So now the question today is no longer if driverless cars will be invented, but when will they take off. Whatever the case may be, there will be far more to these cars than the technology itself. Everything from the user experience to the business models to complementary products and services presents a chance for innovative design. The choices brands make won’t just impact their bottom line; they’ll impact everyone and every place that depends on and is affected by this new car.