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The rise of e-commerce

A few years ago, people might be sceptic about shopping online as they questioned about the security and quality of the products. However, e-commerce is getting more prevalent than ever nowadays. Latest report from various sources indicate that eCommerce is growing steadily and is predicted to account for more than 14% of total retail spending by 2020.

There are several advantages of eCommerce that make it attractive to many people. First, it’s flexible. Unlike the typical business where you have to choose a location to set up your store, eCommerce can be done online. You get to choose your own domain name that represents your business. Furthermore, you can market it globally and ship worldwide without needing a physical store.

E-commerce also allows you to compete with the bigger names in the industry. In the online space, it’s far easier to get going. With proper marketing efforts, it’s absolutely possible to increase your brand visibility and exposure.


Elements of e-commerce website

Elements of E-Commerce Website

You probably need a website to do ecommerce. While some smaller businesses rely only on social media to showcase their products and receive orders, having a website certainly provides a significant boost.

Design of an online retail website have some differences to those of a regular website, and here are some elements and practices that can be implemented in e-commerce website design:

E-commerce website design review

Check Bellroy. The wallet maker’s homepage is a clean and minimalist. It uses large images to showcase the products, and a very visible shop now button to prompt visitors into taking the next step. The top navigation bar is also made simple with only 4 main menus.

The unique feature about the website is that it uses moving animations to demonstrate how slim its wallets are compared to the other brands’ products, as well as the construction of the wallets. Bellroy website is a good example of how a simple design can still provide valuable information for the customers.

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