Experts’ Tips to Test New Tech Products’ User Experience (UX)

Before a tech company launches a product in the market, it is crucial to make sure that they will provide an exceptional user experience (UX) for the end-users, but the tendency to become closely familiar with the product can make it grueling for tech leaders to come up with an accurate judgment. They need thorough UX and usability testing, but doing it accurately can be a challenge.

To help startups and small technology companies conduct proper user evaluation on their product, several industry experts who belong to Forbes Technology Council offered their fool-proof strategies to assist tech teams in completing the test on new products before releasing them in the market.

Acquire an outstanding quality assurance (QA) team

Global App Testing co-founder Ronald Cummings-John shared that customers demand to get high-quality app nowadays. It means that tech companies must never pinch pennies when conducting software testing.

By having a good QA team, the tech experts will feel safer knowing that their products went through a rigorous evaluation process.

Assemble a focus group composed of current clients and sales/marketing employees

Assemble a focus group composed of current clients and sales and marketing employees

Before releasing a product to the public, Information Technology Director from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Rebecca Bowen recommended creating a focus group. It should include participants from the current customer base and members of the sales and marketing departments to test the products.

The customers will have the chance to be engaged with the product’s features and functions, while the sales and marketing experts can offer proactive feedback regarding the issues that may arise.

testing how usable tech products are

Check out if the other team members can assess its UX

Tech firms need to supervise internal usability test with the help of their employees. The participants must be from other teams that have no direct involvement in producing the upcoming product. The companies should record these people while trying to find out how the product works without providing any instructions. According to CloudOps Vice President for Products Maddison Long, the perspectives from the people within the company could help make the product more intuitive.

Evaluate the product’s speed and usability

Evaluate the product’s speed and usability

One of the most efficient ways to examine any upcoming products is to evaluate its UX for speed and usability. Companies need to ensure that the product functions faster and less complicated compared to its earlier version. According to Amaryllis Payment Solutions co-founder Adi Ekshtain, it would be best to test the product side-by-side against its previous version or have it compared with a competitor.

Stage a soft launch

Tegeria CEO Diana Xhumari said that tech industries should do a soft launch involving targeted groups. It would be the best venue to conduct user interviews. The company can use it to evaluate the results to decide if the product will have relevance for its target market. With the help of a soft launch, businesses will figure out the early adopters for the product.

With the help of these tips, technology enterprises will have better ways to check if their new products can provide the right UX to encourage more customers to invest in the upcoming items.