The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an international information technology company that creates and sells computer hardware and software. Since its start in 1911, IBM has grown massively in both sales and employees. In the company’s current time the chief information officer, Fletcher Previn, is seeking to attract and retain employees by prioritizing design thinking and the user experience in the development of internal applications and systems. But what does this mean and look like? Well for starters, new employees can expect the IT services at work to be just as great or even better than the service at home. In continuation with this, Previn and the design team have created new forms for employees to receive and set up new devices such as using device provisioning with technology like desktops and mobile phones. This assignment of technology to workers would also contain appropriate encryption with email and productivity software. So UX is being enhanced by making sure employees have a greater and more unique experience with the technology they use at work in hopes to garner new employees and keep the current ones excited working at the company. This is also made in effort to help IBM compete against cloud computing and artificial intelligence since the market is dominated by the ladder. Will this effort be successful for IBM? Time will tell if this new structure will be able to be competitive.