Importance of Using Fresh Eyes for Effective Usability Testing


For someone who’s just starting a business, it’s a rule of thumb to conduct usability testing for your website or product first before releasing it to the public. The goal should be to make users or customers feel at home. To ensure your users experience maximum comfort, your design should be relatable and purposeful because those are the things that make people stay on your site or continue using your product.

The value of usability testing is undeniable, but the problem is that most owners tend to have personal biases towards their designs which may blind them on potential usability issues. This is why having a fresh set of eyes to test your website or product is the most effective way to improve user experience (UX).


Usability Testing in a Nutshell

Usability testing can be a little bit tricky as it may involve many specifics, but basically, it’s the process of testing the functionality of your website or digital product. Its goal is to spot any existing issues and to assess what part should be improved for a better overall UX.


Usability Testing in a Nutshell


According to Vitaly Friedman, the co-founder of online publication Smashing Magazine, “Usability and utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a website.” It’s understandable that visual design can create a memorable impression, but experience is what truly matters.

User experience is subjective and it shouldn’t cater to one person only. That’s why it usually requires a group of people to perform usability testing.



The Process and Its Nature

Usability testing is a meticulous process because there are many factors to be considered before even starting one. To start, you have to plan every step ahead, beginning with knowing what your product’s purpose is, what type of test you’re going to use, and who should participate in the test.

There are different methods one could use to conduct a usability test, but the two most common methods that a dependable usability testing agency can do for you are moderated testing and unmoderated testing.

A moderated test means it will be administered by a professional that will help you understand your users’ behaviour. On the other hand, the unmoderated version means there’s no supervising figure and focuses more on gathering answers to specific questions. Both types can be done remotely or in person.


The Process and Its Nature


According to Medium, ideally, you can start with moderated testing to better understand users’ behaviour and ensure that users can actually use your design seamlessly. After finalising your design, doing an unmoderated test will help you see how it may perform in real-world conditions.


Know Your Users and Your Participants

In business, it’s a must that you know who your target market is because you sell your products to them. The success of your product depends on how well you know your market.

UX research is a vital part of your website’s design process because it will help you know what your users need and want. However, while both UX research and usability testing are salient tools for website design, usability tests focus more on fixing issues your prospective users might encounter when using your site.

In an interview with usability consultant Steve Krug by Medium, Krug said, “ while it’s good to have some people from your target audience, you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much as you’d think.” He explained that when doing a usability test, you’re looking for the problems in your design that anybody might encounter, whether they’re your target users or not.

Just like what was mentioned above, it’s very important to use various inspectors because people who are not yet familiar with the content of your website or product can provide you a clearer view of what’s missing on the functionality and usability of your website.

Because of the amount of work needed, hiring a usability testing agency will come in handy. Luckily, there are numerous agencies from across the globe that can offer you a reliable usability testing service.



Usability testing has always been and will always be an integral part of your business’ success in the digital world. Through the eyes of your users, you’ll be able to tailor your site or digital product based on their needs and wants.

Usability testing services are a good investment because usability testing can be costly if you do not have the ample knowledge and manpower to do them. At the end of the day, it’s always best to prioritise  optimum experience for users.

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