Increase User Experience Through the Website

Increase User Experience Through the Website

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In another world, there is a strong connection between user experience and website quality. If the website has good quality, it will bring a great experience for users. Most businesses want to give customers the best experience through their website. But to get the best result, the website needs to be given special attention because it is an important tool for businesses to reach users and update the demands of them. So how to improve the website and bring the best experience as the expectation of business, let’s discover everything about it.

Firstly, you need to improve the structure of your website. If people access to a structured and detailed website, they will know what they want, what they will do next, or even be attracted by an attractive interface. Actually, the structure of the website will directly affect the user experience. If your website interface is good, clear, and closely linked, then the user will stay longer on your site, this will help increase the conversion into sales many times. Otherwise, a complex structure will make the customer feel uncomfortable and they will find another website. If your website interface is good, clear, and closely linked, then the user will stay longer on your site. For example, we can take the Amazon homepage, all information is easy to find and specific. People don’t need to be familiar with this website, Amazon can still guide users with the necessary information. They display the promotion, promotional information of the day, it’s very attractive to all customers. For shopping website, most people tend to look for real photos of clothes, that will create trust for customers. Besides, children will be attracted by creative pictures that are designed with many different colors and shapes.

What to do to attract customers at first sight? The answer is image optimization. A beautiful store is a store that attracts customers, similarly, your website has a beautiful and professional image, it will also become more sympathetic in the hearts of customers. Focusing on the website design, the visual style that the website wants to target is one of the ways to increase the user experience on the site. Moreover, those design images have to depend on the features of the service and the target audience. So a interaction and visual design team with an extensive background about designing will help businesses attract customer’s attention.

Secondly, customers are always in higher demand than what businesses can do. Therefore, enterprises must know how to properly grasp customers’ insights. If your website is an e-commerce site with lots of attractive products, customers will need to see a clear classification on the page that is suitable for their needs. Besides, if your website is a site that provides information for professional readers, the site will need clear instructions, and a professional, simple, modern design. Capturing the right insight of customers, this will help your website increase attractiveness to new customers and your business will make a good impression with users to develop the revenue.

















How do you know what customers have interacted with on your website?

The heat map is a useful tool for developers to track customer activities on your website. It will provide the most accurate statistical results and help you improve the website. The heat map is a special type of map it will use colors from warm colors to cool colors to highlight exactly which area of the page where users are most concentrated. According to the heat map, the important points of the website will become prominent. Therefore, you will know where your customers pay the most attention and which ones pay less attention. To use the heat map, you can rely on the help of tools like:

  • Crazy Egg
  • Hotjar
  • ClickTale
  • Yandex Metrica

Actually, one of the best ways to improve website ratios is to find out how users read content on your website.

Besides the above factors, tracking the download speed of the website also plays an important role in increasing the user experience. In some cases, when a customer loads a webpage, a signal is sent to the ranking algorithm. This shows that improving the website speed will help increase the ranking of your website right away. Websites with slow loading speed greatly affect the user experience. To find out how much your current website loading speed is, use tools like Google Analytics, Page Speed, YSlow, Web Page test or Page Speed Insights.

In general, the website is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for most businesses. If you’re in business, the website has the potential to be your biggest asset on the internet. However, technology changes rapidly making your website obsolete and difficult to meet customer needs. herefore, you should apply the above simple methods to optimize your website and make it more useful for users. A great user interface (UI) is one that has a high conversion rate and is easy to use. In other words, it appeals to both the business and the user.

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