Intel’s New CFO

Intel’s New CFO

On April 3rd, Intel announced that George S. Davis will become the newest chief financial officer of the company. George Davis previously worked at Qualcomm for over six years and now at 61 years old, he will be taking on a new role at Intel. Mr. Davis will be in charge of overseeing Intel’s global finance organizations and its information technology organization from now on.

This is the second recent change in staff for Intel as in January they promoted Mr. Swan to CEO of the company. Intel’s board also worked to make sure Andy Bryant would be reelected for chairman for next year.

While the largest part of the company is computer chips, Intel is looking to expand into data-centric businesses. Computer chips are the reason for half of Intel’s operating profits and revenue, but Intel wants to expand their services to allow for even more profit.

Hopefully, Mr. Davis can help Intel expand by being an effective CFO.

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