Why user experience design megatrend is so crucial?

we say that the user experience strategy is very important, because everyone sees that many products on the market stand out after fierce competition, and there are so many failed products around them. I used to work in Oracle’s user interface department and Microsoft Corporation. 70% of these products are software sales. I realized that if a product doesn’t have a good experience, it won’t be able to succeed in the market. To succeed, we need to integrate strategy, execution, and design organically. I can use wine brewing as a metaphor. I believe that good wine not only requires high-quality raw materials, but also requires comprehensive integration and optimization of geography and external conditions.

How to define user experience design strategy?

Everyone has misunderstood some of the definitions in the user experience strategy. The user experience strategy is not just tools and templates, it is not a fixed method and routine, but it combines our design with industry and social trends to reflect the true value of the product. My user experience strategy should meet the following conditions:

1. The first is to be able to do the most suitable optimization for the user’s sales channel;

2. The second point is to meet the business goals;

3. The third point must comply with the current general trend;

4. The fourth point is to eliminate negative restrictions as much as possible.

Here I purposely emphasize that the influence of the latter two general trends and the elimination of restrictions are often uncontrollable in these two aspects. They are given conditions.
There is often a conflict between designers and business leaders. Designers want to design things that are actually easy to use, whether they are digital or physical products, and businesses get different results from other perspectives. Design needs to follow the trend, the general trend, and the conditional constraints we face, It is beyond our control. They are just like the gravity in the design process, and they will influence the design of the planet at all times.

Megatrend of User Experience 

I summarized the global megatrend of the supply chain. The term of megatrend was proposed by a 1982 author in a book of the same name. These big trends seem to be determined by the public decision-making or other factors in the society. Without the established rules for people to change, the source of the global supply chain is increasingly shifting to Asia. This is the megatrend that the world cannot change at present. Another example of  megatrend is the sharing economy. For example, Uber is a shared economy. The economic principle behind him is the excess of our overall consumer life,We can allocate resources more rationally.

I summarize and categorize the three megatrends in the supply chain of today’s world: the first is the consumerization of IT; the second is the business model of software as a service; and the third is multi-platform delivery.

Megatrend 1: Consumerization of IT, there are three factors that cause such a result. The first of the driving factors is the millennial generation. They are familiar with the digitization, and after they have inherited management positions, they have created a behavioral model. The second point is artificial intelligence. The third point is that many large companies now have a policy that allows employees to bring their own equipment to work, which changes the way that the IT department of large companies works.

The results brought about by the megatrend include:

1. More venture capital is trying to share their design work with design partners;

2. Non-code-intensive products and even codeless B2C products appear in people’s eyes;

3. Conversational interactions gradually replace graphical user interfaces.
Megatrend 2: The software-as-a-service business model brings changes to the industry’s business model. For example, people are increasingly adapting to the cycle-based subscription-based economy. More and more open-source software and lower economic barriers are driving this trend.

Megatrend 3: Cross-platform mode.

1. The mobile platform occupies a dominant position;

2. People are increasingly quantifying themselves and measuring themselves digitally, just as we will wear more and more sensors.

3. The emergence of the Internet of Things.