Did you know that the first-ever text message sent was done via a computer by a British Software Architect named Neil Papworth in 1992? And in the succeeding years, various networks and mobile phones were invented to further improve text messaging, or Short Message Service (SMS), until the era of mobile app design and development began.

It was then in 1996 when an Israeli company, Mirabilis, set to motion a messaging application, ICQ, which allowed users to communicate with their family and friends around the world.

Fast forward to 1996 where Mirabilis, an Israeli company, launched a messaging app called ICQ, allowing users to chat with their family and friends around the world. Later on, loads of messaging apps were introduced and launched, including WhatsApp and Messenger, which are both owned by Facebook and tagged as two of the top and most used mobile apps in the current year, 2021.

But what makes WhatsApp and Messenger stand out to 2.77 billion mobile messaging app users last year, whereas 3.3 billion of them actively chose the said applications over the others? Is it perhaps because of the app’s user interface? What about the other types of mobile messaging apps such as Discord used by gamers, the end-to-end
encrypted messaging apps like Telegram, and a lot more?

Do the visuals of mobile apps affect the choice of users, whether to use it or not?


UI with Finer Navigation

User Interface is simply the ‘means of interaction’ between a user, device, and software. One thing that it showcases is the design along with its functionality. Two of the most used messaging apps have great and leading UI designs that eventually made people comfortable in using them all the time. In a sense, a mobile app development company will target their products to possess both visuals and functionality as key competencies.

In addition, WhatsApp and Messenger allow design customization such as the background wallpapers, conversation themes, notification settings, and even font personalization. Customizations can be set from the mobile app’s interface options. Recently, emojis, nicknames and other features became streamlined, too. Messenger, for example, updated different sections and pages to see the active and inactive contacts: built a page where both private and group messages are collated; made ‘Room’ for video calls and meetings, and even transported ‘My Day’ from the social networking app (Facebook) to the said messaging app.

Both mobile apps allow users to maximize their messaging experience by sending voice messages, various media files like images, videos, and documents in only a few clicks. This includes navigating through files that were sent ages ago.


UX Design for Mobile App

Now, UX design is defined as the overall journey or exposure of a user to a certain mobile app. It is also either the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a user. The efficacy of a mobile app gets in here, and one way to prove this is to see how the UI design worked with a user.

Additionally, UI UX design is significant in mobile app design and development because of its capability to attract and make users feel pleasant whenever using a mobile app. It is also proven in various visual content psychology studies that it involves the color, font, and shape of a mobile app’s interface.



UX becomes even more successful if UI design has been executed effectively in line with the goals of all parties—the users, the clients/brands, and the UX UI design consulting company that created it. But since WhatsApp and Messenger are proven to be leaders for several years already, it is inarguable to say that both UI and UX designs of the said mobile apps were successful—even more than social network apps do by ratings. Besides, both mobile apps are utilized by the general public, unlike other mobile messaging apps that are focused only on virtual interpersonal communication.

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