Engine Optimizations needs stellar user experience to succeed. Average SEO professionals do not need to be full-fledged UX experts but they should have an understanding  basic website UX principles. User experience optimization focuses on the user and puts them in mind when developing and improving service. When regarding search engines, they are required to behave the way they do based on what it learned from the user/searcher. This advanced data mining operating system helps users find more than just what they want, but also the behavior of the user, offering a very tailored experience. Attentive SEO professionals are going above and beyond the requirements of search engines from Google and others by looking into new ways to improve their user experience. One example is if a user bounces from a website meaning going back to the search results after reaching your site. A SEO must see what is causing your behavior and find a better result for the user. So in order for this search engine technology to flourish, the developers must keep pushing to satisfy a user and make the user experience even better or else the user will turn to another source and complain of one’s algorithm.