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To design an effective and quality website is very important for businesses. Each company will have its own method to build a strong website and assert their brand. But what are the best options for designing the website? According to some useful information that I research we have simple steps to design an effective business website and advertise products. A good page not only has a beautiful form but also having a quality content to be friendly with customers.














The first step is to determine clearly target customers who the business wants to approach. Typically, they will base on some basic questions to identify their users, their goal is to look for several suitable customers, those questions are:

Who is the target customer of business?

What the information that users can find on your website?

The website should convey the brand message of the business or not?

There are websites competing or not? If so, the business website should be developed as to how to differ from competitors?

This is appreciated is the best important step in designing process. If you can’t identify exactly your target customers in the first step, you will not design the website effectively. At this stage, designers usually apply basic tools to determine their purpose like the personality of the object, advertising directory, competitor analysis, brand attributes.

Secondly, we need to have a specific plan for the project. One of the most difficult processes is to plan and sketch new project, goals will be set and it can change completely compared with the initial objectives and depend on factors surrounding and the needs of the user. The design team not only builds a comprehensive website for the content and form of the enterprise but also to create a website application, email, and notification. At that time, designers will use the diagram to manage, control the project easier thanks to the presentation of activities, tasks according to each specific timeline. From that, developers will choose what tasks need to be performed before and know the time of completion. These tools are typically used for the project planning process are roadmap and Gantt diagram.

The next step is to build the content of the website, creating and building the content is an important duty of businesses. We will have two main content on this step: designing the content to stimulate the customer’s behavior and optimize the content on the search engine. A useful content always attracts the customer better than simply writing, people always want to experience the latest services. To do it, the business needs to focus on writing, font, and layout. An article that is not useful and too long is difficult to reach customers. Instead, the articles have the right length, compelling content and a clear layout that makes it easy to attract customers and motivate them to click on links to other pages. If your pages need to transfer content long, you should split the content into short paragraphs to avoid distracting to the reader. An article with useful content and clear layout always leave a good impression and make customers feel more comfortable approaching. This factor is extremely necessary and important that businesses must keep in mind when designing the web.

Besides, content plays an important role to help increase the visibility of the website on search engines. Creating and building good content to optimize the ranking of the website on the results pages of search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO. Effective web design and quality must be built based on benchmarks SEO. To be successful SEO keywords and optimize the website on the search engine pages.

Finally, it was time well invested in the form and look of the website already! The website design stage is dependent on factors such as brands available, choose the color and logo, depending on customer requirements. Imaging plays an important role in web design. Picture quality not only gives the appearance of a professional sales website but also conveys the message of your business and thereby build trust where the customer brand. Content is represented by the image plays an important role in effective web design and quality. Customers will easily be attracted by the unique image, the impression from that dramatic increases count clicks, visits and sales interactions. The more pictures, the website more easily accessible to customers. Obviously, customers always feel easy and comfortable when receiving the message, the content of the business through vivid images than when reading the text content. Visual design is a way to communicate and engage users who visit your website.












In sum up, in the era of digitization as today, website design is a useful tool to help businesses increase their competitiveness in the market. Therefore, let’s invest in the website design stage so good to be able to radically increase the chances of success of the website.