Slack’s Success with User Experience
is one of the world’s best-known collaboration tool. With their friendly user experience and unique platform, it’s no surprise why the app rose to high popularity. With their decision to listen to the stock market instead of traditional advisors, the company is now worth over $25 billion. But what exactly did Slack do to become so popular?

Slack has been able to deliver an app that provides stellar performance for communication that in return, gave users improved productivity and an easy-to-use communication platform. They built their communication experience based on what users already had in the consumer world. That meant it could bring something fun and easy to use.

They focused on enhancing the user’s experience with a communication platform. This delicate attention has allowed them to develop a better experience for everyone. They took what was lacking in other mediums and made those features their focuses, while still making a comprehensive and cohesive app.

Slack brought a way for people’s working lives to be simpler and more productive to the market. That commitment to user experience is what has lead the app to its success thus far.  Just making sure the user has an enjoyable experience is extremely important for the success of an app, and Slack proved just how successful focusing on users can be.