Pursuing human-centric development

As an organisation focused on improving human lives, USER promotes human-centric principles such as workplace inclusivity, holistic wellness, green practices, knowledge building, and progressive work culture.

  • Inclusive, self-developmental workplace culture
  • Pursuing green practices for less impact on the environment

Encouraging sustainability in communities

Responsible involvement is a key aspect in today’s rapidly growing digital society. USER aligns itself with local communities and organisations, especially those with shared interests in technology, in helping create better lives.

  • Membership in human-centric innovation communities
  • Participation in hackathons and tech activities

USER Cares programme

USER Cares is an internal programme developed by the company to promote holistic wellness for its workforce.

The company aims to expand this programme with more items that can contribute to the well-being of every member of the USER family and society at large.

Continued Support of Human Factor Movements

USER is a member of several organisations promoting technology innovation as well as public sector partnerships, promoting best industry practices, elevating user-focused philosophies and improving connections between business organisations and governments. 

Works we delivered

Taking initiatives toward sustainability

USER firmly believes that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are important facets of our day-to-day operations to foster sustainability and create a positive impact in society. Our commitment to ESG reflects our drive to promote ethical business decisions and processes, uplifting the value of stakeholders, and advancing progressive thought leadership. 

The company’s approach to ESG focuses on implementing transparent and secure methodologies geared for continuous improvement, engaging our members, partners, and communities to collaborate and work with their objectives to bring forth a communal approach to improving sustainability. We continually seek to achieve meaningful and impactful ways to contribute to improving human lives for the present and future generations. 

We at USER are keenly interested in reaching out to organisations and businesses who wish to leverage technology to promote better sustainability. Our range of solutions include building helpful tools for helping comply with ESG regulations or mitigate possible risks. Contact us today to know more about our data-driven approach towards ESG compliance.