The network development trend is rapidly changing. Yesterday, multi-page websites were very popular, but now simple trends bring single-page applications back to the top, so today USER will tell you some tips on web trends in 2018.

Progressive Web Application

Global heard of progressive web applications for the first time in 2015. Next year, we encountered a pioneer in this technology. In 2018, progressive web applications appeared to have become the main competitor of local mobile applications.

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are websites that feel like a local mobile application. They can work offline to provide an extraordinary user experience.


Online customer support

2016 is the year of chatbots. 2018 will be a useful chat robot year. As there are now thousands of robots, their service quality will be the next network development trend.

It is expected that by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be conducted without human assistance.

There is a customer service chat bot on almost every website. Whether you are selling electronics, crocheting toys or software development services, you should have a chat robot.


Static website

You absolutely remember the concept of a static website in the early days of the World Wide Web. All the first websites on the Internet are static.

But then the era of dynamic websites began. Even for people without a technical background, the site becomes more functional and easier to update. At the same time, the development process becomes more complicated, because the extension function needs to communicate with the server, so the back-end development involves. Modern CMS is the actual dynamic website

Today, the network is returning to its roots. Static websites are becoming the trend of Internet development in 2018.


One-page website

Another simple web development trend is a one-page website. This solution allows all content to be placed on a single long page, eliminating clutter.

A one-page website has a series of advantages. They do not challenge visitors with complicated navigation, multi-level menus and a large amount of text. The basic information is on one page. The user simply scrolls to it.

Of course, the use of a single pager is limited. This type of website is not suitable for e-commerce projects and blogs. At the same time, companies can gain huge benefits and present their services in a simplified and more attractive way.


Push website notification

Mobile app notifications were originally an efficient way for users to re-engage. This idea has recently been implemented on the website and is becoming a new trend in the web.

The workflow looks simple: users visit a website and provide enable push notifications. Then, the user will be notified of any changes on the site (such as a new blog post or private message) even if he has closed the site’s tag.

The main benefit of this technology is obvious – you can keep your input without great effort.


Flash to HTML

In 2010, Steve Jobs published his views on Flash and its future. Obviously, this technology will not last long. When YouTube defaulted to an HTML5 player, Jobs’s statement about the death of Flash was quite popular two years ago.

The main weakness of this technology is its incompatibility with mobile devices. Just lost a lot of traffic due to outdated technology.


Sports UI

Simplicity is a trend in recent years. The same is true of web design. Users are tired of crazy GIFs and flash ads, which is why websites with medium-sized designs are more appreciated.

At the same time, complex mobile UIs are becoming more and more popular. Animation allows more styles to be added and enables you to distinguish your site from thousands of users through a static user interface.

There are several ways to add some life to your minimalist website. Consider page title conversions, nice hovering, animated charts, background animations, and module scrolling. These and many other elements may make your website more suitable for users.