The User Experience in Javascript
is a programming language web application that has garnered a lot of attention for its usefulness in the modern work world. But just like any other product or service, Javascript has had to face user experience and how to make the application user friendly. How exactly has Javascript enhanced their users’ experience? Well for starters, the application has been able to allow users to add interactive features to their web apps and pages, making the experience unique and customizable to one’s liking. One can add animations, customize the scrolling on their website, add responsive videos, and so much more. This type of customization allows Javascript to be unique and define itself as an application. This individuality then helps it stand out from other applications who do similar work such as HTML and CSS. So as the number companies that offer applications that run as web apps rather than solo apps, the UX needs to be original and unique to stand out as being efficient and still easy to use. Nowadays, sites and apps need to offer much more than just a product that is desirable for many others make similar tools, the interaction with them has to feel organic. Javascript has been successful in doing just this, being authentic and allowing that to drive its force to be different in the market.