Man enjoying user experience through wireless music powered by apps

User Experience (UX) seems to be advancing every single day and continue to speed up toward innovation as time goes. With people’s constant exposure to news and advertisements on television, social media, even in personal connections, it may be difficult to follow the advancements in UX research especially if one is not much of a tech-savvy. Know more about these innovations in user experience in 2019 and what people can expect to see in the near future.


Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

This is not new to those whose consumers have been exposed to this type of UX through dominant means such as Siri and Google Home, but at least expect this voice command feature to get better and stronger, and increase its functionality as the year continues. It is getting more accurate in function as it gets involved to people’s lives more and more. People have been introduced to Alexa, and she has been seen and heard in various platforms, especially in enabling intelligent home systems, operating systems, and making immediate appliances and devices work efficiently in accordance to the voice command. More of the said functions are expected to arise within the year.


Augmented Reality

Technology has made life easier, and has provided convenience even in purchasing items with just the tip of people’s fingers. However, there are still limitations to how it could help a user. Augmented Reality has given companies the access to give their customers a unique user experience. Take Walmart as an example. Their app has recently launched an AR scanner that does more than just traditional tagging. Instead of checking the price of the item, it scans and compares the prices of products in Walmart versus other stores, while including reviews of that same product. This is just one example of how augmented reality is making its way to consumers’ lives and making a user experience more innovative than ever.


Boy vlogging

Video Content

Watching videos has become an essence of life in this day and age. It has also been known across the globe that people watches content on a personal screen, for this has been quite common since the personal TV became accessible in the 1920s. However, companies have realized that video content is one of the best ways to capture and enhance the consumers’ experience. One may have noticed many brands now have more video content on their websites. It is not just a coincidence but a trend that seems to be growing in the year 2019, as the need for influencer marketing continue to be on the rise.


Up-to-date to Technology

These were just three of the new and innovative ways brands are scheming in order to keep up with the needs of user experience. There are more to come and this is only the beginning for UX. There is money being invested in the user experience and the advancements are quickly rising, that is why more and more grounds for UX has been sprouting throughout the years.